Saturday, February 21, 2009

Smoking Cessation Benefits

Immediate benefits are noticed when you stop smoking. Click the post title to see the benefits to the individual. Of course, if you are pregnant, the benefits are even greater as you set an example for your children, protect them from dangerous secondhand smoke, allergies and asthma, improve their chances of keeping their mom, and you have a healthier baby by avoiding the harmful substances that choke the baby's oxygen supply in utero.

Wow! If that doesn't make you want to quit...

Congratulations to Salt Lake County for their great Commit to Quit program that helps their pregnant moms stop smoking. If you live in that county and want help putting out that cigarette, call 801-468-2569. Here are some of their suggestions:
  • Write down all your reasons for quitting
  • Throw your cigarettes away
  • Tell people you are quitting; ask them to help
  • Ask people not to smoke around you
  • Drink extra water, milk, and juice
  • Chew gum or sunflower seeds
  • Keep your hands busy
  • Go for a walk
  • Take time out to relax
  • Reward yourself; take a bubble bath, watch your favorite movie
  • Plan ahead to be ready to use your favorite tip for not smoking
  • Avoid the guild trip - don't allow a slip to draw you back to smoking
Some people also benefit from medical or therapeutic intervention. A support person or "coach" can also help - someone you can call when you're feeling the urge. Ask this person to remind you of your commitment and the reasons it is worth it.

As with other bad habits you want to quit (eating, sedentary living, drugs, etc.), setbacks happen and if you allow them to get the best of you, convincing you that you are a failure, you will be giving in to the habit. Take charge, forgive yourself and go forward without dwelling on the past. You can do it!

Here's another helpful website: The Truth Best Blogger Tips

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