Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cool down at the pool!

Swimming is great exercise for most pregnant women. (If you're not sure, talk to your doctor or nurse-midwife). Many women enjoy water aerobics to stay fit during this time. Read about the benefits of swimming and specific tips by trimester at

Be sure to use caution because surfaces can be slippery and pregnancy means a change in your center of gravity so you are more prone to falls. Swim shoes might help. Skip the hot tub since you can overheat.

Don't be afraid to put on a swimsuit, just because you feel awkward. You will find several other pregnant ladies at almost any pool (along with their children) so enjoy! You will feel lighter in the pool because of the buoyancy of the water.

Here are some examples of swimwear that are available to make you look great while getting your exercise. I found the best prices for cute, flattering, maternity swimwear at Several of my favorite styles were priced $21.99. This is hard to beat. ($21.99)

Other styles can be found at with prices from about $22 to $96. You can even find bikinis here. Motherhood Maternity has great styles starting at about $34.99, but still not bad for a great suit. A couple examples below. This late in the season, styles are more limited but with a little searching you can find something that will work and many are reduced. had some of theirs marked down to $14.98. More discounts on higher-priced suits can be found here. Many other online sites are also out there so keep looking until you find your perfect suit.

It doesn't have to be specific to maternity. Many regular styles have empire waists or a baby doll look that work well. Don't forget second-hand shops. These items may only have been used a couple of times. Another resource is Discount Maternity Swimwear. ($34.98) ($34.98)

This was my favorite and I notice it is sold out now:(
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