Saturday, September 19, 2009

Budget-wise ideas

Click the post title or here for the step by step instructions to make your own baby wipes. More recipes and varieties here and a video here. This mom uses reusable cloth. These can be a high ticket item in these tough times. Click on the post title to see how to make them. If you're really struggling financially (and who isn't right now?) every little saving helps. (Mineral oil and baby oil are the same and available at the dollar store, along with the baby shampoo). While you're there, look for the right size airtight containers. Read here for more ideas - wipes aren't just for babies!

The dollar-store bottles of ingredients will MANY wipes. Here's a basic recipe. Some people like to add fragrance, aloe vera gel, etc. Any airtight plastic container will do. If you use the half-roll paper towels (cut the whole roll in half with a bread knife or electric knife), you can do them as a pop-up. The key is to use a really good paper towel. One that can withstand sitting in a pool of liquid for as long as it takes you to use them all up. Bounty is a good choice.

2 TBSP Baby Wash (you can choose a natural wash!)
2 TBSP Baby Oil or Mineral Oil (same thing - some prefer essential oils)
2 Cups water
Combine and pour over towels (or to refresh dried-out wipes) or put in sprayer bottle and spray onto cloth or towel when using.

The only downside is it isn't recommended that they be flushed but if you keep a covered trash container in your bathroom, it's easy enough to adjust and if you use disposable diapers, just throw them out with the diaper.

Additional cost savings? More and more people are "going green" and using cloth diapers again. This can amount to a lot of money saved and dealing with a diaper pail is not that bad. See our post on diapers for more info on the new cloth diapers available. While some feel the cost of cloth including laundering is just as high, facts indicate otherwise over the course of the pre-potty period. Savings is estimated at about $1,200 when using specialty pre-fold cloth diapers vs disposables. If you make and fold your own, savings would be greater. Cost of disposables is about $2500 (add $1000 for each year beyond age 2). Many people also claim that the convenience of disposables decreases their motivation to potty train early so they do tend to use more. ThriftyFun says, "If you sew you can get enough cloth diapers to last for 2 years for $70. Even if you don't sew, the cost for 2-3 yrs worth of high quality easy to use cloth diapers goes to between $100-300. Just to get enough to start out using cloth is as low as $30-50." Almost all estimates suggest a savings of at least 50% with cloth diapers, including laundering costs.

The new cloth diapers are different from those our mothers and grandmothers used. Google to see the wide array of pinless options if you're curious. We also invite you to share your comments on this and any blog subject.

Here's a review on an excellent cloth diaper cover from a mom who has tried several. (Click "review") She has a fun diaper cover and tote review as well. Click here. Best Blogger Tips

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