Sunday, January 31, 2010

Foods to fight the winter blues

Get this healthy recipe here.
Health Castle shares some healthy eating options which help replace nutritional deficiencies that can contribute to the post-holiday, winter doldrums. Recipes include chicken dishes, healthier nachos, fish and whole grains. Click to find out more.

Stress-busting foods are also shared here and you can stabilize your blood sugar with a few modifications as well. If you sometimes get shaky with a cold sweat and racing heart, it could be due to hypoglycemia. Read here for some great ideas to avoid this condition. These are ideas that can help everyone, even if you never have experienced an episode of low blood sugar.

Quality Health shares food habits that sink your mood here. This includes balancing carbohydrates to optimize our seratonin hormone which affects sleep, mood, appetite, and pain tolerance. It's important not to go too long between meals because blood sugar levels are affected, resulting in feeling irritable, shaky and unable to concentrate.

What you eat can really make a difference in how you feel. Best Blogger Tips

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