Tuesday, June 15, 2010

For the dads (and other men in your life)

 It's National Men's Health Week.  If your man is like most, he's not so good at preventive health measures, getting exams and eating right.  Of course there are exceptions but there are lots of guys out there who just won't call a doctor's office and make an appointment.  But, like women, they need a checkup now and again.

During the childbearing years, women often see their OB/GYN so they cover their bases.  But, if there isn't a problem, these guys are likely to neglect important screenings.  The CDC has information on their website to help men know what they should be doing.  You can even send him a health eCard to remind him he needs maintenance.

This Father's Day - help your baby's dad (or your own) to be healthy so he can be around a long time.

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