Monday, March 28, 2011

Deal of the Day

 These deals come along every now and again.  We advocate nursing in public without the NEED for a cover, but if you would be more comfortable, by all means.  This one has a stiffening at the top so you can see your baby and it's nicer than having a blanket right on her head, unless that's what your baby likes.

Use code EASTER to get a $40 Nursing Cover for Free!  Udder Covers

Then, you can head over and get a (MSRP) $48.00 Baby Sling for Free with code EASTER. Seven Slings

Each will cost around $10 for shipping and handling (a little pricey) but considering they are otherwise free (MSRP: $40-$50 each), that is a steal! Great to have on hand for baby showers too! Best Blogger Tips

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