Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An Apple iPhone/iPad app "Sculpt My Pregnancy" App

An interesting article was posted in last Sunday's Salt Lake Tribune, about a Davis County physical trainer and therapist that developed an ap to help pregnant women deal with low back pain and chronic pain. Over half of all pregnant women can experience these due to the shifting center of gravity and the weight gain. The app has over 100 videos that demonstrate stretches and exercises that have been classified for each month in pregnancy. You can keep a log to track sets and repetitions. It has been reviewed by local obstetricians. It costs $3.99. If it is difficult to get to a gym or start up your own fitness routine, this may be a helpful boost! Best Blogger Tips

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  1. i love this app and has helped my back pain so much. i just wish i had this during my first pregnancy. so glad this came out and have followed this my entire pregnancy.


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