Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gift Ideas

Gifting mom and baby...
Baby registries abound and usually family and friends wish to "shower" the new mom. Here are a few gift ideas. Please comment with some of your own wishes.

For the Mom-to-Be:
  • Gift of service - Who wouldn't love a clean bathroom or kitchen? Some moms aren't comfortable with this kind of service, so make sure the recipient is good with it, but the new mom just doesn't get time to do these things. Yet, having a clean environment can really lift her spirits. I knew of someone who gave the gift of bathroom cleaning to moms-to-be as a "congratulations on your pregnancy" gift. She knew the chances are this early pregnancy was forcing the little mom into the bathroom a lot more than usual, but cleaning it is another story. Smells, chemicals, fatigue and nausea can make cleaning an extra tough chore, yet, if you have to look into the "john" it's sure nice to have it clean! By the way, this would be a wonderful way for dads, sisters, and grandmas-to-be to help out when there's not much they can do in early pregnancy to help the mom.
  • A body pillow (or just a few extra pillows) can make sleeping a lot more comfortable.
  • Another pregnancy gift that is appreciated is something nice to wear. It may be casual like jeans and Tees, but she may not be feeling beautiful and something fashionable that flatters her expanding figure can lift her spirits. This is especially appreciated by moms who have already had a few children and people assume they have it all, but the maternity clothes may be worn or out of date.
For the New Mom (shower or after-baby gifts):
  • Lactation consultation gift certificate. This is especially good for the first-time breastfeeding mom. This can be challenging in some cases, but oh, so worth it. Some extra help can give the mom the confidence she needs. Sometimes this is a second or third time mom who was not successful with breastfeeding the first time - everyone needs help from an expert sometimes.
  • Sleep Sack or Slings (check out Sleep Sack here and Maya Wraps here). Sleep Sacks helps keep babies safe for sleep. Slings and other wear-baby helps for moms make breastfeeding easier and they get the babies out of the "buckets" where their heads may become flat from too much surface time. It's easy to make a sling too (got a seamstress grandma-to-be?) - learn how here.
  • Breastfeeding pillow (one brand is Boppy) - This is a nice support to make life easier. It also doubles as a sitting-up tool as baby gets older.
  • Babysitting coupons and/or restaurant gift certificates. This is the gift my mom gives all the expectant parents at showers because she knows they need a night out.
  • Gift of time - Offer to watch the older children (often there are requests for time with the new baby but siblings are left out of the picture). When mom is trying to sleep when the newborn sleeps, the toddlers and preschoolers often aren't cooperative. Taking the older child(ren) for a fun outing would be invaluable to the new mom while she works with the baby, adjusts to breastfeeding, and rests.
  • A gift certificate for a good nursing bra would be a perfect gift from a close female friend or relative (this could also be given early and used in pregnancy as well as breastfeeding).
  • Take mom and kids out for lunch in the park. Cabin fever can set in and maybe the mom doesn't have a car during the day. She might really welcome a trip through the drive-in and picnic outside where the little ones can play and she and baby can get some vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin).
  • Ask the mom what she really wants/needs. Sometimes you'd be surprised that her biggest worry is being able to buy all those diapers! Basics can be appreciated any time.
  • Toys and clothes that grow with the child. Everyone loves the tiny baby shoes that babies really don't need or wear, and newborn sizes are great but have limited usefulness. Suddenly the baby outgrows everything at once. Having some stock waiting for later is very helpful.
  • Photography coupons. Everyone loves those baby portraits and they want to share, but this can be pricey.
  • A new carseat. It doesn't have to be fancy, Eddie Bauer, etc. but it should be a recent model because safety features are constantly being improved. The used car seat may or may not be the best for the baby. Again, this is a pricey item so new moms appreciate this kind of gift.
  • Family members might want to give a framed "family tree" that shows the baby's place in the family line. Historical photos and memorabilia to remind them of their roots is also appreciated. Older family members may have some old photos the younger generation hasn't seen but it's fun to compare physical characteristics of the parents and granparents when they were children.
  • Photo albums and baby books/scrapbooks are always appreciated to preserve the wonderful memories.
  • Inexpensive video cameras are also now available to preserve priceless moments in action. I've seen Flip Videos that take a decent 30 minute session with limited zoom on Amazon for $59 (new). So, if the parents can't have a fancy one, these can do a great job and may even be more convenient because they weigh only a few ounces and easily fit in the purse or diaper bag. They plug right into the computer via USB cable and are YouTube ready!
  • More photo helps - inexpensive digital cameras are invaluable to new parents.
Some other ideas were shared in an article at Read here.

Let us know your ideas - what great gifts have your received, given, or wish for? Please share. Best Blogger Tips

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