Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sharing and Caring - The Unexpected Outcome

Thankfully, most pregnancies result in a positive outcome with healthy mother and newborn. In rare cases things don't go as planned and we may grieve for a lost child. Grief is an emotion we wish we never had to experience. If you are one of these mothers, please recognize that the emotional roller-coaster is normal but there are resources to help you get through it.
Parents hurt

I have recently spoken with two WeeCare moms whose babies won't live. They chose to carry their babies and appreciate the limited time they have with them. It is difficult. "A life worth remembering and celebrating...no matter how short" is the message from BabyGrief, a website devoted to prenatal loss.

Community resources for parents are usually hospital based. IHC offers a program called Angel Watch which consists of a small group of professionals who help the family plan and cope with loss either before or after pregnancy, regardless of the circumstances. The University of Utah hospital also offers grief support program and the March of Dimes provides the Parent to Parent programs for parents of fragile NICU babies. If you know someone in need of such services, contact them or your local hospital.

BabyWorld says, "A little life; not a little loss."

Children hurt too

In Salt Lake, The Sharing Place is where grieving children can get help through group participation and counseling - sharing with each other and helping each other get through the process of grief. There's a waiting list but it's worth the wait and once you're in you can stay. If you know a child who is grieving or may be soon, please contact them. The Sharing Place, 1695 E. 3300 South. Call 801-466-6730

Click the link to learn more about what they do and how they got started.

There are more grief and loss links on the right sidebar here. Scroll down to the Grief section, near the bottom. Also, please feel free to call the WeeCare nurses if you need someone to talk to or would like help in finding help. (801) 538-9943 or (800) 662-9660 Best Blogger Tips

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