Wednesday, August 12, 2009

World Breastfeeding Week!

This is actually recognized the first week of August but I was on vacation and didn't post it. However, in Salt Lake you can participate all month. Drop in at the Breastfeeding Cafe at the downtown library to share with other moms about breastfeeding experiences, learn more and help spread the word that it's the best for both baby and mom. Click here for more information and for La Leche League information. This year's theme is Breastfeeding Saves the Day.

For the kids... Here's a new book, We Like to Nurse Too. See it here on

Editor's note:
This is a children's picture book. It focuses attention on our kinship with all mammals, using simple text and delightful full-color illustrations of animal mothers naturally feeding their babies. The illustrations and text highlight sea mammals living in the oceans of our shared planet home. Children learn about the nursing habits of animals they love from all parts of the world - porpoises, dolphins, sea lions, orca whales and others. The book is another celebration of the mother-infant bond that is naturally established through nursing. But more, this new book takes a stand for the health of the environment, honoring the Earth and all her creatures. Today, the oceans and their inhabitants are threatened by hunters, by the melting of polar ice caps, and by the pollution and debris dumped without conscience into our waters. Yet, careful decisions made by humans can save our planet. We believe that introducing young children to the nursing habits of sea mammals can foster a love and concern that will grow to protect the Earth we love.
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