Saturday, August 8, 2009

Great Idea!

On my recent trip to Japan I noticed a super invention inside the ladies' restroom stall of all places. If you're a mom and ever had to take a baby into the restroom with you, only to try and figure out what to do with her while you do what you came to do, you will appreciate this idea. Obviously it wouldn't work for newborns but for lots of children the little waiting seat would serve the purpose well. So, not to gross you out taking you inside the stall, but I thought you would appreciate seeing this one. An entrepreneur should be able to do well with this.

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  1. Some places are picking up on this around here . . . Brick Oven in Provo has them.

  2. Kudos to Brick Oven! Nice to see family-friendly businesses. If anyone knows of others, feel free to share.


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