Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Best Kept Secret

The greatest miracle in the history of medical science...
"If a medicine were to be developed that could prevent the deaths of a million or more children per year, greatly reduce childhood illness and disease, produce healthier and perhaps even smarter adults, and, in its administration, contribute to preventing ovarian and premenopausal breast cancer and osteoporosis in women, it would certainly be hailed as the greatest miracle in the history of medical science.

If, furthermore, this medicine had no ill side effects, and its production had absolutely no adverse environmental impact, we would scarcely be able to believe our good fortune as a species. Now, what if the fantasy were to be extended a bit, so that we imagine this miracle substance to be not only all of the above, but also free of charge? In other words, no one stands to profit economically from its production, promotion, or distribution. In fact, the only adverse impact at all would be an economic one on a billion-dollar multinational industry built upon a competing but clearly inferior product..." - Barbara Quick

Guess what? She's talking about breastfeeding.

Amazing Breastfeeding Facts:

The antibodies in breastmilk provide immunities that protect against infections of ears, lungs, stomach, and G.I. tract, so baby will have fewer illnesses, ear infections, allergies, asthma, etc. Nursing reduces a child’s risk of having eczema, food allergies, respiratory allergies and asthma, and can lessen the severity of those she has. Breastfeeding also has a protective effect against juvenile diabetes, celiac disease, childhood cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, urinary tract infections, multiple sclerosis, liver disease, and acute appendicitis. Breastfeeding also provides a perfect, nutritious, well-tolerated re-hydrating fluid if baby does get sick.

A few of the direct health benefits:

Breastfeeding reduces these risks for children:
  • Childhood leukemia
  • Crohn's disease
  • Meningitis
  • Type I diabetes
  • SIDS (10 fold)

It also reduces the mother's risk of heart disease, breast, ovarian, cervical and uterine cancer, and osteoporosis.

The list goes on and on. Formula companies don't want you to know this, but think about these facts when someone asks you about your feeding plans - "breast or bottle?" It is so worth it!

A few comments from our WeeCare moms...

"I think breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. I love the bonding time I get to spend with my daughter as she is breastfeeding."

"Don't give up. It's not an easy thing to do."

"I love the convenience of breastfeeding, you never have to worry that the water in your diaper bag is too cold or that you have enough formula on hand. The only worry I had before I started breastfeeding was that I wouldn't have enough milk for my child. I have been amazed at how the human body works; I not only produce enough to feed my child but also enough to pump a little and store it for times when my husband needs to step in and help."

"Had a little problem right off nursing her but with the help of the wonderful nurse at the hospital we got it all figured out and we are in great shape now." (Kudos to Sevier Valley Hospital)

"I LOVE breastfeeding! Though it isn't always easy, I find that the results are worth the trouble. The thing I love most is the bonding that takes place with the baby with the skin on skin contact. Nothing is more meaningful than our baby looking at you while nursing and knowing you are giving your baby THE PERFECT formula!! The temperature is always perfect, it tastes delicious, and best of all it is FREE! I have had mastitis and clogged milk ducts, all which make the process more uncomfortable, but if you can make it through the first month, it just gets easier from here!"

"Breastfeeding really helps the baby sleep at night. He sleeps better if I breastfeed him before bed and it helps him more when he is sick."

"Keep at it! Don't give up. My little one took about a full month before she finally realized what she needed to do. Since then it's been great."

"Breastfeeding provides time for just me and my baby. My husband likes to watch and talk to the baby while he's eating but it's very intimate and such a wonderful bonding experience for mom and baby."

"Tell other women that it's not easy at first but it gets a lot easier as you go along."

" It was difficult/painful at first but we were persistent and he is a great nurser now."

"I think it is important to respect the mother's desire for privacy while learning to breastfeed."
"Try to reinforce the fact that it's difficult at first but once you get through the beginning it's the most wonderful bonding experience ever."

"I really enjoy breastfeeding. Don't be afraid to have the lactation consultant and/or nurses help you at first to make sure the baby is latching on right."

Preparing the other children

Click here for a free online book that teaches children how babies eat. This is a wonderful tool for preparing siblings, cousins, and other curious children. Best Blogger Tips

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