Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Breast pump talk

Many of our WeeCare moms are interested in breast pumps for the time they go back to work or school. Even for a night out they can be very useful, but a hand pump or hand expression works quite well for the occasional user. Here are some resources to help you save some cash when purchasing a breast pump because the good ones are kind of pricey. Most these days are advertising that they are BPA free. This is an important detail. carries several models of breast pumps. After getting some excellent reviews from users of the Playtex brand double electric, I noticed they have this one at a very good price ($199.99 includes free shipping). Click here and scroll down until you see Playtex. They also have the Playtex Embrace Petite double electric for $79.99 with free shipping - you have to click the item to get the special price but even though you add it to your cart, you have the option of "just looking" vs buying. This is a good little pump.

I also found the Playtex Embrace double electric at an even lower price at for $184 plus 97 cent shipping.

Other good pump options are available here (www.breastpumps4less). You can get the Ameda for $199. The IHC system of hospitals uses this brand in their hospital-grade models. You may find other online deals as well. We recommend buying new pumps rather than used.

The Medela is another excellent pump but you must buy from an authorized dealer and prices are typically higher. If you inquire for prices at Away Baby Essentials, you can get a discount and they price match, include free shipping and they add a gift.

Please note: Breast pumps are not as good as babies for getting the milk from the breast so measuring pumped milk is a poor indicator of the amount of milk you produce. You may get more with hand expression and massaging the breast. Pumps are a lifesaver for the mom who wants to continue giving her baby the best even after she goes back to work. You can pump sufficient quantity for your baby while you are away.

PEHP does not pay for breast pumps but you should be able to use your Flex dollars for these since they are considered durable medical equipment. Some moms use their rebates for participating in WeeCare to help defray cost. The rebate is processed when you report your delivery to WeeCare, so don't forget.

To keep it in perspective - formula feeding costs at least $1,500 for the baby's first year of life and the product is inferior to breast milk, has no protective antibodies and is linked to allergies in babies. If a baby can't tolerate cow's milk or soy-based formula, the cost will be closer to $2,300 for that year. Good advice on breastfeeding: help is available. Give it SIX weeks of effort (get help if you need it). If you make the six week mark, you are home free. Don't give up; it is worth it!

Here's a tutorial with hints on breast milk expression from the University of Virginia. Read more on this subject at Breast Pump Basics.
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  1. I got the Playtex Petite Double Pump for my baby shower and it was great. I used it when I went back to work. It was small and very easy to manage. I really liked the Playtex storage system. Thanks WeeCare you guys were great during my pregnancy and now!


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