Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shared resource - nice skirt for moms-to-be

If you like contests, read on, but don't delay - as with all things, this will soon come to an end.

Having trouble finding nice-looking maternity clothes - suitable for the office or church?. These long maternity skirts might be just the ticket. Shared by one of our mom bloggers, New Creation Women's Attire has a line of skirts you might like. A favorite is the hidden pleat skirt, shown above ($26). Right now there's a giveaway. Check it out here.

We do no advertising and do not support any particular retail products, but we like to spread the word about items that meet the needs of our WeeCare moms. We welcome suggestions.

Have you found something great that fills a pregnancy or parenting niche and perhaps is hard to find? Please share in comments! Best Blogger Tips

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