Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's needed; what's not & a little humor...

You could easily get overwhelmed by the "New Parents' Checklist" at Babies R Us.  While raising a child is a big financial investment (with a wonderful return), there are ways to make it easier.  There will always be people ready to sell you something, especially with the emotional impact of "for the baby" wording.  We all want what's best for the baby, right?  But, sometimes what is really best can be reduced, money saved and sometimes no cost is involved at all.  What your child needs most is you - your love, your milk, your time and attention.

Of course each family has their own priorities so, with that in mind, what are some needs vs wants?  Some mothers have shared ideas.  Ameliorate - a blogger who shares her views of some rather silly and to her, "useless" products out there.  Don't miss it - so much fun!  I have to discourage the "Zaky hands" altogether since it is recommended babies be put to sleep on their backs; not their sides.

On the other hand, the stroller/car seat combo pictured above is probably on the needed list if you can manage it.  Click here to see where you can get a good price right now at Target with free shipping and read the reviews.  Car seats must be of good quality and made within the last six years (they come with a date), preferably new and not previously been in a car accident.  Strollers help you get out of the house without breaking your back and keeping your baby out of the unsafe grocery cart.  There are convertible systems that are a stroller frame that holds the car seat - nice to not have but not as versatile as the one shown (more expensive too). 

Read here for a few products you don't need for your newborn - these can at least wait a while.

Ask around to see what items your friends regretted buying because they found them to be a waste of money. Some items should be purchased after the baby is born.  Some babies don't like swings at all.  For others, they're life savers.  You can try them out with your baby at a baby store such as Babies R Us.

When buying large items, don't forget to think about storage space.  Baby gear requires lots of room, so if it's not really needed, it might just get in the way - kind of like that stationary bicycle that serves as a big clothes rack.

What is on your "must have" or "not needed" lists?  Please share in comments! Best Blogger Tips


  1. I had a jogging stroller on my must have, but now I'm reconsidering from that article. What about the jogging strollers that have car seat adapters? Isn't that just as good as any other. I'll go crazy if I can't keep jogging and husband is in law school so there's no chance he's going to watch the baby during the time I can go jogging.

  2. Good question. Here is another site that discusses jogging strollers (cut and paste): Keep in mind they are a commercial site but they do offer comparison features. Every mom has different needs so you have to consider your uses. An avid jogger should probably get a good jogging stroller and the car seat adapter type may work fine, but the question arises about whether babies are spending too much time in car seats. Heads are sometimes flattened and if they end up chin to chest for too long, the airway could be compromised. The jury's still out on that one but we do know babies are not getting enough tummy time. Some joggers do recline and this would probably be ideal.


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