Friday, May 14, 2010

Labor of Love

After the birth of one of my babies, a neighbor showed up with bucket, cleaners and gloves in hand saying, "I'm here to clean your bathroom."  How did she know my bathroom needed cleaning?  Oh, yeah - she was a mother too.  Who has time to clean the bathroom with a newborn or even in the later months of pregnancy?  OK, anytime in the pregnancy.

What a nice gift that was!  I got a sparkling clean bathroom, like the housekeeping services in the hospital. That and a few hot meals brought by other neighbors made my transition to real life and my waiting family much nicer.

As I thought about nausea and vomiting of early pregnancy I remembered this and realized that would be a wonderful gift for any newly pregnant mom too.  Nothing like being so nauseous you can't function and having to bend over the bowl - what a lift of the spirit if someone came before and made sure it was sparkling clean, ready for the sometimes expected unexpected.  So, if dad-to-be wants to help this would be perfect!  While he's down there, a little floor mopping in those hard-to-get-to areas around the commode would be an added bonus.  It's just not right for the nauseated woman to have to do the cleaning here.

The best part about my friend's labor of love was she didn't wait to be asked and I didn't have to think of something I needed from her - you know "let me know if there's anything I can do to help."  Sometimes the biggest help is not having to think about it or ask for it.

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