Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Breastfeeding Cafe in Salt Lake City - now at the main library. Stop by, see the displays, say hello and babies are welcome!
(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune - click to read article)

“There is a lot of conflict in our society about breast-feeding,” said Clare Lindstrom. “A lot of people think it should not be done in public because breasts are sexualized in our society.”

“It’s a cultural matter,” said Nicole Bernshaw, a lactation specialist with the La Leche League. “What we are trying to do is change the culture.”

Utah is among 44 states that have laws allowing women to breast-feed in public. But [Melissa] Knighton said she still hears stories about nursing mothers being asked to cover up or use the restroom. (Stephen Hunt, S.L. Tribune)

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