Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Egg Safety

Salmonella periodically raises its ugly head - sometimes in the form of a public outbreak. Recently in the news we have seen this with salmonella found in thousands of eggs distributed throughout the country. What you don't need when you're pregnant is to get this nasty bug that causes severe, though usually self-limiting gastroenteritis, characterized by stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. In pregnancy, effects can be more serious. So, what's a mother to do?

Here are some suggestions to help prevent being infected with salmonella through eggs.

Buy locally grown products whenever possible. Chickens raised in confined, small spaces are more prone to disease. The local farmers are usually kinder and gentler with their livestock and produce.

In the kitchen remember 4 Cs (clean, cook, cover, chill)
  • Eggs should be refrigerated (also dishes containing egg products)
  • Eggs should be thoroughly cooked (no runny stuff)
  • If a recipe calls for raw eggs that will not be cooked, use pasteurized eggs
  • Always wash your hands before handling food and after using the restroom (especially)
Information on which brands are considered safe (and are not included in the recall) are listed on Health Castle . They also offer some suggestions for safe consumption of eggs.

Recalled list is found at (pediatrics) and four more problem brands are listed here. CBS news article is also helpful for information on recalled eggs. Best Blogger Tips

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