Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baby helps

UdderCovers has released a new promo code to get a Free Nursing Cover Use code Breastfeeding to get a $32 Nursing Cover for Free. You will have to pay $9 for shipping. But still an incredible deal!

You can also pick up the 3 Piece Gift Set for only $5.00 after the code. Either deal is great for yourself, a baby shower or a present to have on hand!
You may have heard about the Infantino™ “bag sling” recall. The recalled Infantino slings are not the same type of baby sling found at sevenslings.com. The recalled slings were “bag slings” and were similar to an elastic closure purse where the baby sits closer to your thighs than your chest. Our slings are fitted, non-adjustable “pouch slings” and hold your baby right up close to you on your chest where you can see and kiss your child. There has not been a recall associated with “pouch style slings”.

Many moms make their own
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