Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Deal of the Day (Replay)

Love it when they have this offer.

Free Nursing Covers are Back!

UdderCovers just let me know that they have a brand new promo code out to get a Free Nursing Cover! (Worth $32!) Just use code Thanksgiving at checkout to get it free.

Or, you can use the same code to get the gift set for only $5.00 more.

Right now, their nursing covers are in stock. But once word gets out about a new promo code like this, they usually get back-ordered!

You can share this code with friends - it is good over and over but only one per shipping/handling charge of $9.95 - obviously a little high for just shipping but when you consider the total cost for this cover it's a good deal and they ship quickly, often following it with another offer for a sling.

P.S. The code can expire at any time. There is no expiration date or usage on it.
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