Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prematurity Awareness Day

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Discovery Health is having a NICU marathon today, November 17th, Prematurity Awareness Day. NICU shows the experiences of babies fighting for their lives in a newborn intensive care unit. To find Discovery Health in your local area, check your local listings (daytime hours beginning at 10:00 on the east coast. I was also able to view some other medically-indicated c-section videos online here.

Late prematurity is a growing problem but this can be reduced as many/most are associated with elective inductions and increased C Sections for low risk first time mothers due to failed elective inductions. Now that's food for thought.

Intermountain Healthcare in recent years established parameters for induction of labor which requires that unless a medical condition necessitates an early induction, inductions are not to be done prior to 39 weeks' gestation. They have shown remarkable savings in hospital stays, reduced morbidity and health care costs. If we could just get more providers to follow these guidelines and educate the public about the dangers of early elective inductions, we really could make a difference.

It can be difficult to wait for natural labor to begin and in this day of over-scheduling, we sometimes feel it is necessary to plan for the event (or your doctor does), and - let's face it - you're tired of being pregnant by the time you reach 8 months. But, another week or two can make all the difference to your baby and keep him/her (and YOU) out of the NICU. Special care nurseries can also interfere with the natural process of breastfeeding. So, be patient and don't be afraid of the excitement of waiting until you go into labor - that can be an experience in itself. Pitocin is not that much fun, and C-sections carry many risks.

Watch this great video about a "preemie baby family" here.

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