Monday, December 13, 2010

Holidays and Pregnancy

Tips for the holidays while pregnant
  • Avoid heavy packages if you shop.  Maybe do it online instead?  Most retailers now have websites and many items can be found if you don't have to try it on or feel it.  During the holidays there are also great sales and free shipping options for many of them.  If you can buy it in a store, there's a good chance you can also find it online.
  • This is probably not the time to be Martha Stewart or Supermom.  Take it a little easy, let others help (even if it's not to your standards) and realize people don't expect this from you.  Stress can be good in moderation, but too much is not good for you or the baby due to the hormone, cortisol.
  • Stay steady on your feet.  Balance is affected in pregnancy and ligaments are loose so let someone else do the trimming this year and those high heeled boots (as pictured above) may not be a good choice.  Slick surfaces, slick shoe soles, high heels and pregnancy do not go well together.
  • Avoid dehydration - a common problem, especially when you are busy.  Drink lots of water but avoid alcoholic beverages and too much caffeine.
  • Eat safely and cook foods thoroughly to avoid disease.  Your immune system is a bit suppressed.  Unpasteurized milk, soft cheese such as brie and some processed meats such as hotdogs can harbor bacteria (listeriosis).  Cook these meats to 160 degrees F to be sure.  Buy pre-packaged and date stamped cold meats.
  • Don't forget to wash your hands frequently.  Germs are rampant right now.  The air is dry so keep a hand cream handy and perhaps a purse-sized hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid heartburn by not eating two hours prior to bedtime, taking small meals frequently rather than large feasts and avoid the foods that give you the most trouble.  Read here for some treatment suggestions.
  • Don't forget exercise.  A daily walk is really good for you.
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