Wednesday, January 19, 2011

C-section rate is high but IHC in Utah is working on it

Excerpt from the Deseret News:
"SALT LAKE CITY — Cesarean sections have become the most common surgery in U.S. hospitals, increasing more than 50 percent since the 1990s, many of them "unnecessary," according to Intermountain Healthcare physicians.

While cesarean sections may be more convenient, as far as scheduling the birth of a baby and avoiding the last few uncomfortable weeks of a pregnancy, [Dr. Ware] Branch said babies delivered before 39 weeks — the ideal gestational period — are also "more likely to have medical complications."

"We're talking about increased rates of respiratory disorders, elevated bilirubin levels and jaundice, and feeding disorders," he said.

Janie Wilson, a nurse and director of the program, said there is a level of complacency when it comes to available medical care, and mothers believe their babies will be OK regardless of the condition they are in at birth because of the capabilities of modern medicine."
Read the full article in the Deseret News.
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