Sunday, February 13, 2011

Marketing strategies - Warning!

Babies are big business.  
BlogHer shared this newest marketing strategy by the makers of Similac artificial feeding products.  They want moms to buy Similac (formula for MOMS) as though breastfeeding moms need their products and if they aren't getting what they think is their share of your money for infant feeding, they'll market to you and further brand you.  It's showing up in Canada so it's just a matter of time.  Don't fall for it! 

One of the many advantages of breastfeeding is that it's free and something only you can give.  It doesn't require a special diet or "formula."   "As if this weren’t all bad enough, the second listed ingredient in Similac Mom is sugar.  And there’s no fiber in it to boot."  Just so you know....
Another marketing technique is by the makers of Enfamil - Expecta. This is simply an omega 3 supplement. Marketing to pregnant moms is important to the industry as breastfeeding becomes ever more the norm. Use the product if you like but be aware of the marketing and branding that's going on here.  They want their name to be synonymous with healthy baby in your mind and their ultimate goal is to sell infant formula (artificial baby milk) which is inferior to what you can give naturally.  There's nothing special about it.
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