Friday, November 4, 2011

OB Care in Vietnam

Hello! I've been away on a tour of Cambodia and Vietnam~ how eye-opening and fascinating! I meant to learn more ahead of time and write about women's health in these countries~ perhaps I can still get that added to the blog in the near future.
One of our tour guides, in the Northern Vietnam region (he lives with his wife and 2 year old twins in Hanoi) described his Buddhist culture and family structure, the policy of having 2 children (or your subsidies and potential to advance as a government employee are taken away) and what their experience of giving birth was like in their universal healthcare system. A common experience is that 2 women in labor will share a bed in a room, and after the birth, 2 women and their babies (all 4, or 5 in her case) will share a bed in a room with 4 other beds. Huong asked the doctor about how he could help his wife be more comfortable, and he was asked to pay more so that she could be in a private room. He was able to afford to do that, but many people can't and take the standard care that is offered. I didn't get to ask him more specifics, but I know that he did have a healthy outcome. I will do more research on this topic, I love learning about global health, and especially in the area of maternal and infant health. Do you have experiences or knowledge about women's health in other parts of the world? Best Blogger Tips

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  1. As far as what conservatives believe about how the US screwed up in Vietnam, I'd try to explain it to you but I'm sensing a lack of
    cognitive heft on your part impairing your capacity to understand.


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