Monday, April 16, 2012

Autism and pregnancy

With rising rates of autism, we are scrambling to find a cause.  It is possible there are multiple factors at play.  In the recent news is the possible corrolation between maternal obesity and autism.  There are plenty of reasons to be at a healthy weight when beginning pregnancy.  If you want to read more on this subject check it out at Nursing Times . Other related concerns are diabetes and high blood pressure.  These two conditions often accompany obesity.  It's too soon to know if these are causes or just association but with rates skyrocketing to 1 in 88 nationally and  even higher locally at 1 in 47 (See SLTrib article here) we need to find answers. Boys are affected more frequently than girls (1 in 32 in Utah - see SLTrib article here). Best Blogger Tips

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