Monday, September 10, 2012

Breastfeeding Makes Improves the Look of Breasts too!

It just keeps getting better and better...

From's guide, Robin Elise Weiss:

A recent study in the Asethetic Surgery Journal looked at identical twins' breasts for signs of aging. What they found surprised even the researchers - breastfeeding keeps your breasts looking younger! Nursing along with daily moisturizing and hormone replacement therapy were all found to be associated with healthier looking breasts. So what caused breasts look look "older"? Drinking, smoking, and pregnancy. Pregnancy has long been held as the culprit for what changes breasts, rather than breastfeeding, though this is not the first study to show that pregnancy is what causes changes to the breasts. Most pregnant women will tell you that breast changes are among the first pregnancy symptoms they experience. Best Blogger Tips

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