Monday, October 29, 2012

Frankenstorm and other emergencies...

The March of Dimes had a great article today about being prepared in an emergency.  Read the full article here
"The media may be a bit dramatic at times, but they are right about one thing. Now is the time to make preparations and have a plan in place for your family to follow in case you ever need it."
Also, breastfeeding is especially important as a preparation for emergencies since you don't have to worry about obtaining and mixing formula with water that may not be pure.  There have been instances where women who have stopped breastfeeding were able to re-lactate - getting the breast to remember how to make milk through frequent stimulation by a nursing infant.

Check out this article from the March of Dimes blog, Feeding a Newborn After a Disaster.

We all hope to not have to face such emergencies, but should they occur, this article will help you to be prepared. Best Blogger Tips

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