Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reduce stress and improve meals

If your New Year's resolutions include healthier homemade meals to improve your family's health and connectedness while decreasing stress check out this article in the Deseret News.  With young children, cooking can be a challenge but these ideas really work since planning is half the battle.  If you know for instance that on Tuesdays you do tacos, it's easy to plan the grocery store trip and be ready to cook dinner even when you're very busy.  We tend to repeat the meals our families enjoy so doing this usually pleases everyone.  You can plan a one or two week rotation with a theme for each day.  Maybe on alternating Tuesdays you do enchiladas rather than the tacos - still keeping with the Tuesday theme of Mexican food.  It also makes it easier for family members to help if someone else arrives home first.  They know what is on the menu so they can start preparations.  Even elementary age children can help prepare dinner and it's a confidence builder as well as a learning experience.  They feel more like an important part of the family.

Check out Delish for some healthy and easy menu ideas. Best Blogger Tips

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